You are your first and last love...

Each client is unique and I tailor design my work to meet your needs. I encourage you to think outside the box. I might suggest a field trip or a walk and talk. This is your opportunity to explore, create, grow, define, clarify and change the situations in your life that led you to make the decision to work with me. I will guide you every step of the way with vision, solutions and accountability.

  • Secret
  • CUCUMBERS… The Many Uses!
    Cucumbers stretch a salad too. In comparison to a lot of the other produce, they are still economical and they go in a citrus salad or vegetable salad. CUCUMBER TIPS & TRICKS THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!! 1. Cucumbers… See more ›
  • Dandelions Are A Flower!
    My latest in the CH Local Paper. I’d appreciate a positive comment on the bottom of the page… Even if you don’t read it! But I hope you do and enjoy. Laugh today, you might relate!  If you don’t… give… See more ›
    I admire people who work out regularly and are older than me. Let’s cut to the chase. Senior citizens are kicking my butt in physical fitness. The label “senior citizen” does not apply to these freaks of nature. For this article… See more ›
  • Ultimas Palabras / BY: IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE
    A new American revolution has begun, Not against the forces of a colonial kingdom But a rebellion against an oppressor that has risen among us, It is not a foreign invasion we have to fear, Rather the threat of a… See more ›
  • “Beauty in Grief… Honoring Your Furry Family Members in Death”.
    The Privilege of Honoring our Dog. In the last two years I had to put down my 14-year-old beagle Lucy and Tuesday my 16-year-old cat Thomas, who within a matter of two days diminished into a cat I didn’t know.… See more ›
  • BEAUTY IN GRIEF… When your family pet dies
      WE ARE FAMILY In the last two years I had to put down my 14-year-old beagle Lucy and Tuesday my 16-year-old cat Thomas, who within a matter of two days diminished into a cat I didn’t know. His kidneys… See more ›
  • I am human and my ego is happy!
    To boast, brag, show off, gloat and blow my own horn is the opposite of humility.  However, I got published on the front page of my local newspaper and that makes me HAPPY!
  • So You Want to Have the Perfect Wedding
    “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”… Robert Frost. So you want to have the perfect wedding. Well guess what, it is already so relax. You will have a dress, have shoes… See more ›
  • The Glass Is…
    The Glass is not Half Full or Half Empty, it is Just Too Big We all know the expression the glass is either half full or half empty. It is used as a question to gage how a person views… See more ›


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Bridal Bonding Boot Camp is a service that provides the time for you to get back to you. YOU are your first and last love. BBBC wants to support you with specific tools, techniques and exercises that will guide you through this process. Most importantly we want you to have FUN! .

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When it comes to working with clients there are different methods to approach each individual session. Telephone coaching is a common practice. The coaching field is international. It is not uncommon to phone and Skype sessions. .

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I am more than a life coach, chaplain, poet, dancer, mother, sister, friend, worker etc. etc. I can qualify my expertise in life coaching at the end with credentials, certifications and degrees.