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Clarifications and corrections in article on ‘Life Coaching’

CHESTNUT HILL LOCAL Thursday, December 22, 2011

by Mary Gulivindala

In response to the article, “A hill flashlight shines light on life possibilites,” which appeared on page 19 in the Dec. 8 issue of the Local, I want to clarify my relationships with my mentors, teachers and institutions and the scope and nature of Blue Print Life & Wellness Coaching, my business in Chestnut Hill.

I have associations with some of the finest professionals such as David Dorian-Ross, Tai chi Master and Olympian, whom I studied under (not “with,” as the article stated) as a student and who teaches a specific mind-body-spirit coaching.

My association with the Kripalu Institute is not “through yoga certifications,” and I am not a “certified yoga instructor,” as stated in the article. I have been practicing yoga and its philosophies for many years. I am an assistant faculty member to Alison Shore-Gaines, who “facilitates Radiant Cleansing and nutrition retreats at The Kripalu Institute, Omega Center and many other retreats.” (The workshops are not mind-body-spirit focused, as stated in the article.) I have been working with Alison for six years and studying with her for 11. The article did not expand on who or what Alison is teaching, and I have never heard of a certificate in meditation, as stated in the article. If there is one, I don’t have it.

My practice is both Western and Eastern based. Pastors Donna and Carl Keyes as well as the teachers at New York Theological Seminary have taught me the walk of Christianity. The article reads “Eastern” only. I did not mention the above names in the interview, but Western philosophies are integral in my work as well. I have benefited from 12-step programs, which have supported me over the past 15 years, and from my roots in modern dance from Temple University. The article gave the distinct impression that I just began attending AA meetings as opposed to 15 years ago.

I was raised in Plymouth Meeting. (The article says I am from Lafayette Hill.) I have two sons, Ravi, who is 13, and James, who is nine (not “six,” as stated in the article). I did not start practicing meditation at age “seven,” as stated in the article. That was confused with a teacher I told your reporter about. I do not work only out of my “home,” as indicated in your article. There was no mention of the fact that I go to clients’ homes; I have access to office space; I utilize phone and Skype sessions, and I think outside the box, depending on the client’s goal. For example, we might meet for a walk and talk in the park. I am very flexible in making the location of the work easy for my clients.

Comedy is very important in my work. Being able to lighten up and laugh brings a new perspective to what could be perceived as a laborious process. This was not mentioned in the article and is important.

My niche market is bridal coaching, which was not mentioned in the article. The sacredness of this important life ritual gets lost in the process of planning. My work is to guide brides-to-be through this unknown territory, reminding them that their wedding is a revered union.

One such workshop is “Bridal Bonding Boot Camp,” which is a weekly informal meeting of brides to be. It’s not about the dress or the guest list; it’s about creating a safe, non-judgmental place for my clients to meet other women who are experiencing the same feelings, fears and questions they have in common.

Information about my upcoming free seminars can be found at Contact me for a free phone session or to schedule a public speaking engagement at 1-267-505-1779 or

Mary’s niche market is bridal coaching. “The sacredness of this important life ritual gets lost in the process of planning,” said Mary, seen here dancing in the street. (Photo by Timothi Jane Graham)


I am inspired, creative, passionate and fiery. I have been through and will continue. I will put it down and hope you pick it up. I am exposed, vulnerable, honest and authentic. I am sarcastic and witty. My favorite thing to do is watch life and laugh and cry.

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