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Find Your Bliss!

Hello Friends! I just spent the weekend at the Sheraton Hotel in AC for a convention, (AAAI / ISMA). I’m now a certified yoga instructor! Namaste!!  I will be incorporating that into my practice.  Private clients as well as groups.  Please contact me for information.

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Long, Lean, Lengthy and Enlightened!

After this weekend I will be a full fledged yogini!  Who wants to do yoga?  Call me, it’s pure luxury!

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It’s springtime and the flowers are blooming. Chestnut Hill locals are out in their yards toiling the earth planting flowers, manicuring bushes, watering their yards and weeding their gardens to make their curb appeal beautiful, and it’s working. I secretly observed one neighbor singing to her tulips, they were very happy. I too am doing the same with my foliage… singing.

Gardening is new to me.  I am a big city girl. Three years ago I rented a small property where all I needed was a weed whacker for lawn maintenance. My porch flower pots were my pride and joy. Well things have changed.

Recently I purchased my own lot of land. Now I’ve moved up to a non-electric push mower. Gratefully, I can still get away with the weed whacker method in a pinch when necessary. I called up a friend who is a landscaper and asked if he would come over and tell me what I bought. I didn’t know if I was pulling weeds or flowers and the trees… I own trees now!  So he came over and pointed saying, that is a weed, that is a flower, this is called… and he spoke in latin, and I rolled my eyes.

I began to become more conscious of my surroundings walking through town looking at my neighbors landscaping. I was doing my due diligence prior to my landscaping efforts. Yes I am the one with my phone taking pictures of your lawn, be flattered not frightened. One day while sowing seeds and pulling weeds on my own lawn, I realized this is hard work! I thought my hanging flower pots were maintenance.

I started looking around and questioning why I was pulling certain weeds when they are just as pretty as other leafy greens. They are small, dainty and not intimidating right? What’s wrong with this clover like specimen that has been labeled a weed and therefore discriminated against? They serve a purpose, which is to send your kids outside and tell them to come back when they find a four leaf clover. Then we will get a pot of gold!

My yard doesn’t have much color yet however I do have a few beautiful small yellow flowers. They are known as dandelions. Dandelions have been unjustly labeled a weed, dismissed, plucked and thrown out by many. I got to thinking and I thought to myself, what person on high said the dandelion was a weed? Why is it the black sheep of the gardening community? They are awesome! They start with a green stem and a white poof of blow away wishes.They are little wish makers and have given many children countless moments of magical hope. I remember my lawn growing up as a child and pulling that flower, closing my eyes, making a wish with all my might and then the big moment, blowing on the mystical white seed heads. I would watch as they floated off to wish fulfilling land, they were my field of poppy bliss… and then I would forget about them. I used to make bouquets out of them for my mother and by her reaction they were the finest flowers ever grown. Hey it kept me happy for a minute.

So how come “someone” has reeked havoc on the dandelions and convinced people that they are less than, say the tulip or hibiscus??  I started to get mad, here I was in the dirt on my hands and knees killing an innocent flower because someones aesthetic said so. Well I have some news for that “someone”.  First, the dandelion is not a weed it is a flower and I have proof.  I wikipedia’d it.

Taraxacum ( /təˈræksəkʉm/) is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae

French dent-de-lion, meaning lion’s tooth) is given to members of the genus, and like other members of the Asteraceae family, they have very small flowers collected together into a composite flower head.  Each single flower in a head is called a floret”. 

That is FOUR TIMES the word FLOWER is used in it’s opening definition. Wikipedia is a very credible source for research that I find quite convenient. They make topics very easy to understand.

Dandelions are not only beautiful flowers, they have lots of nutritional value. Energy, dietary fiber, protein and multiple vitamins like A, B, C, D, and K. Europeans have gathered dandelions to eat since prehistory and Europeans are foodies, and smokers.  Dandelions are used to make beverages that are HEALTY like caffeine-free coffee, root beer and WINE.  I told you they had blissful happy mystical qualities. They have medicinal properties as well. Did I mention wine?

I would like too encourage “Hillers” to embrace the dandelions.  Don’t pull them out of their natural habitats, let them grow, embrace them, they are beautiful.  Let’s all come together and take a stand.  Now if you do pull them, please use them.  Make a dandelion salad and some wine.  Have your neighbor over, sit on the porch, fellowship and watch the grass grow while you enjoy your delicious, nutritious meal.  Does Weavers Way sell dandelions??

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New Workshops Are Coming!

Bouquet of Flowers for Spring

Recently I have been taking a course to grow my company.  I am extending it to reach the creative arts communities.  I will be adding new workshops to this site shortly and will keep you posted.  There is much more fun to to come!!




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Multi-Tasking Mom Gets a Dose of Her Own Medicine

I am not unique. Americans live in a fast paced world filled with deadlines, have to’s, hurry up’s, over booked schedules, and the internet highway… which leads me to a street called Exhausted. Can you relate? In order to “live” in this world I have to juggle a lot of balls at once. Up until recently I proudly wore a crown, with lots and lots of jewels, which I received at my self produced coronation ceremony. I am the competent, multi-tasking, productively functional Sovereign Queen of my Queendom. Oh yes, I can do it all!

Here are some examples that you might identify with yourselves, especially if you are a mother. While frying burgers for dinner in a pan, I also hold a conversation on the phone, usually confirming an appointment, carry a load of laundry upstairs while wiping up the dust bunnies off each step with my sons dirty socks that I just picked up off the living room floor, drop off the hamper of clean clothes that we live out of for the week and then race downstairs and go flip the burgers. Then add cheese.

I don’t have time to go to the gym so I have incorporated my cardio workout into my life by running to work fully dressed with my pocketbook banging off my hip pretending that I have to catch the train. I try to look very important by looking down. I’m up to two blocks. I have started to run everywhere because I think if I have to walk it, why not run? Burn those calories. If you see me, please honk. I need encouragement.

Another real life example is while taking a shower, I brush my teeth, wipe down the tiles with a cleaning sponge and plan what I have “to do” for the rest of the day in my head. If my kids are around I am usually shouting out “don’t forget your books” or “I won’t be home until late today” and their favorite “go take the dog to the park”… they often retaliate. I continue to wash everything and I spend the rest of my shower arguing.

Am I the only one? Do other people multi-task constantly? I carry a dust cloth in my home and wipe down everything as I walk around. I consider myself a professional picker upper because I am constantly picking up a book, shoe, or glass and depositing where it belongs.

Recently this behavior started to wreak havoc on my brain. I can’t remember things. My memory is fizzling out. I know this because I ask my son “did you do your homework?”, He replies with something and then I ask him the same question about seven more times. I’m forgetting things. I never forget things. Recently I find myself running back into the house because I forgot my phone in the charger or a jacket, or something I need. Yesterday I drove to CVS specifically to pick up cat food. Thomas, my cat was down to one kibble. I did my shopping, pulled up to my home and Hello??? I forgot the cat food, the reason I went to the store. Luckily I didn’t exit the car and unpack the make up I just bought so I quickly drove back, to Thomas’s approval. It’s exhausting.

I have assessed this crisis recently and have thoroughly tried to find ways to change this behavior. I am 45 years old but my memory is 82. Time management would be the “professionals” vocabulary. I can not find a solution because I am the bread winner, cleaning lady, cook, driver, coach, teacher, mother and the list goes on. Some days I want to drive around with a crock pot in the back of my car just so I know my kids are getting dinner. Seriously!

This has become so problematic that I took it to my therapist. Wouldn’t you be if you lived like me? My therapist and I have spent the last few sessions addressing this issue because I can’t remember what we discussed the week before. This week I had a breakthrough. I remembered what my brilliant therapist said. Yea brain!

Here’s the skinny. I hope this helps you too. I’m not loosing my mind. My age could be a slight factor but not equal to the degree of my forgetfulness. I have been diagnosed as a chronic multi-tasker. I didn’t know this was a disease. Multi-tasking used to work for me and I was proud of my abilities to…multi-task. Well, no more. It has turned its back on me and I, as well as everyone in my life, am suffering. It’s a family disease. It effects everyone. The good news is there is help.

My no nonsense, tell it like it is therapist gives it to me straight. I am not being present in my life. (I secretly think she is a recovering multi-tasker herself but don’t know due to the therapist/patient boundaries.) My response of course was denial. Look at all I do. How can you say I’m not present in my life? My ego was being assaulted. Eventually when my brain calmed down and I was teachable, Lynn (an alias name) told me that by doing all these things at the same time I wasn’t concentrating on any of them therefore multi-tasking is affecting my memory. Oh, the shame. I had to lay down on the couch. It took a few minutes for me to process what I was hearing. Finally it resonated with me and acceptance followed.

Now onto a plan of action. The plethora of events I must do daily is not going to change anytime soon. To think that I can focus on one thing at a time is only going to set me up for a relapse. The key here is balance.

Here is the suggested prescription, which I know but don’t do. I must meditate and be still daily with myself. Now I love to do this on vacation but it this producing anything?? Yikes, I’m slipping back in the disease. By meditating and consciously practicing quieting my over stimulated mind, I will achieve a renewal in energy and clarity. Thus, I wont have a constant forgetter for a brain. So simple and yet so frightening to trust that doing nothing is doing something. I have to do this one day at a time If want to be present in my life and stop the insanity. My name is Mary and I am a recovering multi-tasker. I have one day.

Just like the sober bartender, the irony of it is that I teach meditation and wellness. That my friends is what I’m usually multi-tasking about.  









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My Shameless Self Promoting– “I Like Myself Everywhere”

All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.” … Lily Tomlin.

I like many other women have come to a new chapter in my life. After a long hiatus as a stay at home mother, it is time for me to get back into the work force. Also, like many of my fellow comrades, I find that not only are my skill sets of yesteryear antiquated, I can’t go back into my previous industry and have to start over. I am not the same women I was 10 years ago, I’m older and heavier. After pondering what my strengths and abilities are I decided that I am a jack of all trades entertainment and a master of none that I could make a living at anymore. I had to study to be master of one, and I did.

Now I am an entrepreneur. I love that word, so empowering and grown up. I chose to go into the business of arts, healing and spirituality as a life and wellness coach, yet my calling, or demon in my head, is as a creative artist and always will be. This is not glamourous and often times exhausting. I hate the question “what do you do” because I have at least seven careers. I can’t survive financially on one until I get discovered, which will happen, it’s just a matter of time. I’m in the “planting seeds” stage and waiting to sprout. Besides being a mother, which is my number one job, I am a writer, comic, poet, choreographer, teacher, singer, and life coach. I once heard that by the time you die, you should have had three careers. If I was a cat, I would of kicked the bucket four careers back.

As a business woman I had to learn how to build a business. I don’t have anyone financing my brilliance so I must run every department myself. Regrettably it is not all sales, coaching and creating. I am President and CEO of my soon to be Fortune 500 dynasty. I manage many multiple divisions of me. Confidently I lead all divisions but one, which emerged in my absence, THE BIG DADDY, Information Technology or IT.

Stepping out into this unknown world of business in the 21st century, I learned that without a website, I would not be competitive. A book would help as well. Nothing gives one credibility like the title of “published author.” But first things first, the website. Information Technology, IT, is more than sending friends emails and surfing the web for fun. This is an area that I can not do, all my sales, finesse and charm means nothing to IT. IT is an emotionless world, very sterile. Burr.. I have chills.

Fortunately, I have a friend who designs websites and offered to create mine in exchange for pet sitting his German Shepard and two scary loud screechy birds when he goes out of town for months at a time. The barter system is my currency. Shannon, my web designer, is the administrator of my site. He is the gate keeper. He only allows me to blog on my site because left to my own devices, let’s just say I don’t have the midas touch in computers. Shannon is also protector, preserver and hired gun to keep me off my site. It has to be that way because I am not to be trusted with my fearless fingers carousing the keyboard on my computer, playing CEO of the IT department.

I run many multiple businesses in my head and all needed websites with their varying names. I could only afford to buy one domain so wisely I turned to social networking for the others, with a passion. Facebook (FB) was the kick off. it’s so easy! I had created a personal page a few years ago and now I created… you guessed it a business page. I set out to be a blogger. Anyone can blog. Matter of fact almost everyone blogs and you don’t even need a license. You just sign up and write… whatever. This was another new “skill” that seems to be relevant to expand my business at the speed of light. I also created an alias on FB for my comedian because it’s a fine line between wellness IE. Coaching and comedy. I have my Zen to protect. I was feeling very confident as an IT executive at this point, but that would soon change.

My plan of attack to make money, and get discovered had begun…to spiral out of control. At present I blog, or am registered at 16 different sites, with few followers, who don’t hit the like button, leave comments or sign up for my emails. It is depressing. I like me! Come on people, sign up, follow and comment, so I can stop feeling like a Loser with a capital L. You don’t have to read me, just delete me. My grand idea of being discovered by a literary agent, getting a huge sum of money up front to write my prose of wit, genius and banter is my motive.

What started next was a chain of chaos that still has me spinning. I, not hesitating to add any bell and whistle to my blogs started playing in sacred unchartered territories called widgets and applications. I download them all. These multiple applications allow me to connect all my blogs so that when I write on one it shoots off into the atmosphere at the same time to my other sites reaching more fans. Brilliant, the green share button.

That being so, I couldn’t keep up with myself. I was showing up everywhere. It was horrifying. People must think I’m an egomaniac. I would blog something from my bawdy comic and it would end up on my professional life coaching site or on twitter with my FACE next to my NAME. I was blowing my own cover! Not remembering how I connected the sites to begin with, because I was in a widget black out, I tried to fix the problem by creating multiple emails to blog from. My credibility was in jeopardy. I was manic. The blogs, pages, passwords, emails and random pandemonium I had to deal with on a daily basis became overwhelmingly confusing. This is my marketing for my empire. I had to figure this out. I cried out for a miracle.

In a moment of clarity I began to practice what I preach, which is to live your life authentically. I had to surrender my multiple personas and trust that I would be successful in business integrating all of the me’s. I created one blog, and here it goes, full disclosure, a fearless action…”The Many Multiple Personalities of Manic Mary” was birthed. I felt peace and relief, sanity was restored. I was being ME. I still have my other blogs that I go around and like myself on daily, it’s hard work liking yourself all the time. I wish someone else would do that job. So I beg, will you like me? If so, please google 1Urban girl, 1Real girl, FB my name and or company, and 1mtg, and please follow me. Please spread the word, I need to move on to other departments, like sales. What have I learned?, to practice what I preach. Live authentically, it will save your sanity and not matter what, always Like yourself.









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male model blonde blue eyes

Dear Seeking 1178,

Please allow me to introduce myself myself, my name is Mary. I am contacting you because I have noticed that you have not had a date, or shall I say a successful date since 2009. I know this because you have been on for at least that long. Every time I open my yahoo email account there you are with about six other prospects on the right side of my screen. Your still smiling and it is the same head shot. I will tell you in case you haven’t noticed, you have been moved to a smaller box and have been replaced by Trevor 7878. His picture now is in the larger “featured” spot which you dominated for so many years.

Trevor 7878 is very handsome as well but the good news is that his face is covered with a box titled “View Single Men in Philadelphia” with little title boxes below asking to SELECT AGE AND NEAR ZIP. The final box, which might be a problem is VIEW PHOTOS OF MEN, I know, the competition.

I think you are very very handsome with that tan model face, perfectly white teeth that gleam when you smile and those twinkling blue eyes that shine brighter than all the stars in the sky. You are dreamy. You look very clean cut andmust make money if you can continue to renew your account yearly. By now you must of spent hundreds of dollars on this site. That money could have easily been spent in other ways that I assure you would get your needs met and maybe in the process fell in love. I don’t understand why you have not found your match?

One reason could be that you do have “stiff” competition. For example Vegas 90403 is dark and handsome. I don’t know how tall he is, or you either, because you both are just heads in your photos. Vegas 90403′s face is tan like yours and has facial hair (mustache and goatee). He looks like a bad boy so that could be trouble. Women like bad boys, think Johnny Depp. You, Seeking 1178, are the Brad Pitt type so it is like comparing apples and oranges. You’re both fruit your just the different flavors.

There are a few other heads showing as well but I want to help you. The one thing that Trevor 7878 has that you and Vegas 90403 don’t is information about his interests. Trevor 7878 likes coffee and conversation, dining out, movies/videos, music and concerts, playing sports, watching sports and travel/sightseeing. Personally they are generic and nothing to write home about. What are your interests? I would image jumping out of airplanes, traveling to exotic places like  El Calafate, Argentina, The Galapagos Islands or one of my favorites Phuket, and learning different languages. Do you like to travel, do you like coffee, do you like watching sports? Who are you Seeking 1178?

Unless you drool when you eat, have noticeable ear wax or spit when youtalk, I can only think of two reasons you are not successful at love. You are a perpetual playboy devoted chiefly to the pursuit of pleasurable activities, the cat on the prowl type or you suffer from a syndrome known as “fear of commitment”. Being a playboy is great if that makes you happy. It’s a free country go out and serial date! I caution you to always be upfront and honest with the women you date and tell them the truth. You don’t want to be a heart breaker or get a reputation as a womanizer. We women know, we smell it on you.

The second reason is problematic, “fear of commitment” known as commitment-phobia. Don’t worry you are not alone. Thousand of men suffer silently with this condition. Perhaps Trevor7878 and Vegas 90403 are afflicted as well. Maybe you three should exchange numbers and set up a date to talk about it. If you like I would be happy to help all three of you, for a fee, address this issue once diagnosed. I am very familiar with this condition both personally (his side) and professionally, but back to you.

Here is a brief summary of commitment-phobia. This is a common condition that manifests in romantic life. The afflicted , that would be you Seeking 1178, want to find love and get married but fail. Ironically what you crave you fear most, love and connection. This is a confusing and destructive cycle of seduction and rejection. This is based in FEAR. To keep it simple, you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. This thinking makes you feel trapped forever. Remember there are options available, take Newt Gingrich for example, he wants the lifestyle known as an open marriage. Many people choose this, there are conventions held annually in Los Vegas for fellowshipping. I’m sure Vegas 90403 would be happy to host you and perhaps attend the event as well. There is also divorce, which we know is now common and then good old fashioned cheating. All three, in my opinion are destructive and don’t advocate any of them but the point is, you’re not powerless. You have choices.

So I ask you Seeking 1178, do you think you have a problem? The first step is acceptance and it’s ok, there is help. I will help you. I know this realization canbe frightening and unsettling but continuing down this dead end road of serial dating, spending hundreds of dollars on the wrong site and being constantly displayed as a failure on is not going to satisfy you in the end when you are 86 years old, alone, and wearing a diaper that someone you don’t know has to change as they steal your money. Life is very hard Seeking1178, don’t do it alone.













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If you can’t decide between a Shepherd, a Setter or a Poodle, get them all … adopt a mutt!” …ASPCA

First I would like to say that my intention here is not to insult any dog. This is actually an expression of gratitude and thanks for all your breed has done to help me, and those that are located in the vicinity around me at certain times when I must call upon your beautiful faces. BARK BARK, Thank You.

I love dogs. At present I have one. His name is Henri and he is a Papillion. I lost my long time best friend Lucy, a beagle, two years ago. Lucy lived 14 years and had a wonderful life. I miss her terribly and still look for her. I loved her to say the least, and liked her more than I like most people.

I used to live in New York City for 10 years, a fine dog town I might add. That’s where Lucy chose me to be her owner. Six years later I adopted Henri. I had him flown in from the midwest, we consider him a New Yorker as well.

Living in NYC for me was fantastic however at times it was hard, exhausting and draining navigating my daily life. Being a New Yorker is not for the meek and timid. One must strap on their Armour before heading out the door into the hustle, push and shove bustle, to get on the subway for your daily commute. Me, I strapped on a baby while I pushed another one in a stroller. If not getting on the train I probably had my dogs with me as well. You get the picture.

If you’ve ever been standing on a crowded subway platform in NYC at 7:45 am, you know it’s survival of the fittest. You don’t always get the next train even though you’re next. I was the woman with the strap on baby and stroller kid yelling loudly “excuse me getting on” and I would plow my way into the crowd of standing tired, cranky New Yorkers, who look like cattle going to slaughter. Oh yes that woman was me, shameless warrior woman.

Living that lifestyle taught me a great deal about people and myself. I loved riding the trains because I’m a people watcher. Not everyone is happy that time of day, except for the drunk guy sleeping in the corner taking up TWO seats. I had my fair share of unpleasant interactions with people as would anyone during this daily grind.

I had to develop coping skills to keep my sanity. Many times I stood there pissed off at the jerk in the suit younger than me hiding behind his wall street journal pretending he doesn’t see my weary need for his seat. God forbid he get up and offer it to a woman with children, he might have to stand. I realized I can’t control people through glaring piercing contempt filled eyes, so I had to change me, because if I didn’t I could either:

A. Become the jerk off

B. Go to jail for pushing some obnoxious person off the landing onto an on

coming train, or

C. Change my attitude

Guess which one I chose? C.  Only because of the children, I would have preferred option B.

One morning I created a game. I am very adept at identifying different breeds of dogs. I credit the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is a two day, all-breed competition that takes place at Madison Square Garden annually. 200 cream of the crop dogs are allowed to compete. It is my Super Bowl, I love it! This year it is on February 13 and 14, so appropriate because as I stated previously, I love dogs more than people so Valentines Day would be the obvious show date.

With my knowledge of dogs and my daily routine of survival, I found if I looked around the crowded train and imagined which breed my fellow passengers would be if they were dogs, I could enjoy my ride amongst the obnoxious, entitled, loud and self-centered sardines I was traveling with. This game also includes the nice people too. Most of them are golden retrievers or labradors, nothing too exotic. Peoples attitudes, behavior and appearances influenced my choice of breed. It is great fun!

When playing this game, my anger would diminish, my frustration would dissipate and my police record, or lack of one would keep the same status, squeaky clean. Here are four examples of dog breeds to help you learn how to play the game.. I will use common breeds for the unfamiliar dog readers.

First up is the Golden Retrievers. Everyone loves them, except the cranky curmudgeons. The golden retrievers are happy-go-lucky, eager to please and all around friendly. You don’t see many of them on your morning commute they walk and just go with the flow pleasantly.

Next up the Poodle. The poodle usually lives on the Upper East Side and is the high-maintenance, designer wearing, over primped male or female human who loves to be admired. They think very highly of themselves. The people poodle are often oblivious to those trying to get on or off the train. I have to push poodle people out of the way, but I admire their self-esteem.

Moving on, the Pit bull Terriers dominate the train in both numbers and attitude. The Pitt bull is the person who will snap at you anytime and can be quite vicious. You never trust a Pit bull. They want to dominate, rule and master getting a seat. I stay as far away from this breed of person as possible.

Finally there is the Mutt, a mixed breed dog whose ancestry is unknown. These people are the general population. Most people are mutts. They are the common folk. I am a mutt. Mutts are taking life one day at a time and staying the course. Some days are good, some bad but if I had to share a seat on the train, I would want it to be next to a mutt.

My advise to anyone who feels like they are becoming angry, annoyed or disgruntle during your day, you are losing your patience at the BMW your stuck behind driving 25mph when they should be doing 60 (they are not deserving of that horsepower), or of your coworker won’t stop clicking their teeth, play the game and make them a dog and if your not familiar with dogs, the animal kingdom works just as well.

Oh and today, I had a run in with a miniature schnauzer, I will leave that interaction for your imaginations. Have fun and don’t forget to play.


                                My dear old dog, most constant of all friends…William Croswell Doane











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Old Hollywood Oscars

Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life”. Bette Davis Over the previous holiday season, like everyone else, I spent a lot of time in my car driving from here and there to buy this and that. One day I decided to listen to the radio. The song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” came on. A nice little toe tapper, but not on the gas because I learned the car behind me had no rhythm and certainly no holiday cheer. I enjoy Christmas and New Years but for me, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” because it’s award season. Yes! It’s the High Holy days in Hollywood!! If your like me, an avid lover of movies, movie stars and all things chic, the month of January and February are chock full of spa days, plastic surgeon appointments, dates with my treadmill and dieting IE. starvation. If you don’t have the self discipline to not eat, Hollywood insiders suggest eating baby food. I like the applesauce. I have top secret strategy meetings with my team of stylists, hair dressers and make up artists. They prepare me for glamour filled nights of parties, day luncheons and black tie balls. My entourage and I then fly to the Coast, where I walk the red carpets while they sit in their hotel rooms congratulating each other on how fabulous I look. And skinny. STOP, cut, edit, and reshoot to reality. The camera pans in to see me sitting on my couch alone in my elegant pj’s with my predictions in one hand and my twitter account on full throttle, eating popcorn and yelling at my kids to go fight up stairs because “I’M TRYING TO WATCH THE SHOW”! And of course I have false eye lashes on darlings. The months of January and February air 15 award shows of significance. January and February are the months for all things MOVIES. Therefore, the frowned upon, television step child award show, the Emmys, is not even shown in the same season, they aired in September. Now let’s begin. On December 15th, 2011, the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards were announced. This takes place so that we can now strategically plan what movies we want to see and where we financially want to invest our money. Preparation is very expensive and I personally have a savings fund for this time of year like some people save for their vacations or children’s college tuition. First up is “We The People” also know this year as The 38th annual People’s Choice Awards. They air on January 11th. I don’t vote and don’t know anyone else that does however, it is a clever campaign by the studios to let the average folks, who make them rich, feel empowered and entice us to go see the winners of that show. Cunning right? I fall for it every year. The next big show comes right on it’s tail. The 69th Golden Globe Awards or pre-Oscars as I think of them. Most of the winners at the Golden Globes get nominated for the Oscars. This is a great show because everyone drinks a lot and pretend they don’t care if they won. Air kiss, Air kiss. In the ensuing weeks prior to Oscar, cat fights occur over couture gowns and getting advertising in Variety is survival of the fittest. The fittest get a full page. Then come the Indies’s, Director’s Guild and Critics Choice Awards, which I’m sure all have numbers that precede their titles as well but only the die hards watch those. I prefer the 76ers games instead. Finally after weeks of anticipation, hollywood campaigns, celebrities hitting the town for photo ops and doing the interview circuits, it’s the night I’ve been waiting for. On February 26, 2012 The 84th Academy Awards Ceremony will be broadcast! Or The Oscars as we know them. The flash of the cameras, the bedazzle of the gowns, the walk and pose, walk and pose down the red carpet and then finally the show begins. Oh the anticipation. It’s more exciting than discovering that the sales lady at Nordstrom’s forgot to ring up my Christian Louboutin pumps while I’m walking out the door! I’ve done my homework. I have gone to as many movies as I could afford, always viewing, (not seeing), most of the films, (not movies), of the nominees for Best Picture, Actor, Actress and Director. I like the documentaries too. I have watched the styling shows, read the magazines and have picked and filled out my prediction card. For the next three and a half hours, I sit on my couch watch, listen and applaud as the winners names are announced. I watch the victors walk to the stage, get emotional, both them and I, receive the statute of the golden Oscar and proclaim their rehearsed acceptance speeches. I won, I won, I picked that movie, I knew she would win! Oh the elation, euphoria and ecstasy!! For this night, for these few hours, I have emotionally and financially invested time and energy, I have sacrificed spending time with my children and not one minute of it was wasted because I got to escape my life for the last two months, into cool dark theaters being captivated by the movie stars on the big screen, and slip into the world of the pageantry, grandeur and splendor of tinseltown. Where stars are born, I mean made. An epic journey had, 10 more months to go until next season, and I go on with my show. See you in car line!

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Clarifications and corrections in article on ‘Life Coaching’

CHESTNUT HILL LOCAL Thursday, December 22, 2011

by Mary Gulivindala

In response to the article, “A hill flashlight shines light on life possibilites,” which appeared on page 19 in the Dec. 8 issue of the Local, I want to clarify my relationships with my mentors, teachers and institutions and the scope and nature of Blue Print Life & Wellness Coaching, my business in Chestnut Hill.

I have associations with some of the finest professionals such as David Dorian-Ross, Tai chi Master and Olympian, whom I studied under (not “with,” as the article stated) as a student and who teaches a specific mind-body-spirit coaching.

My association with the Kripalu Institute is not “through yoga certifications,” and I am not a “certified yoga instructor,” as stated in the article. I have been practicing yoga and its philosophies for many years. I am an assistant faculty member to Alison Shore-Gaines, who “facilitates Radiant Cleansing and nutrition retreats at The Kripalu Institute, Omega Center and many other retreats.” (The workshops are not mind-body-spirit focused, as stated in the article.) I have been working with Alison for six years and studying with her for 11. The article did not expand on who or what Alison is teaching, and I have never heard of a certificate in meditation, as stated in the article. If there is one, I don’t have it.

My practice is both Western and Eastern based. Pastors Donna and Carl Keyes as well as the teachers at New York Theological Seminary have taught me the walk of Christianity. The article reads “Eastern” only. I did not mention the above names in the interview, but Western philosophies are integral in my work as well. I have benefited from 12-step programs, which have supported me over the past 15 years, and from my roots in modern dance from Temple University. The article gave the distinct impression that I just began attending AA meetings as opposed to 15 years ago.

I was raised in Plymouth Meeting. (The article says I am from Lafayette Hill.) I have two sons, Ravi, who is 13, and James, who is nine (not “six,” as stated in the article). I did not start practicing meditation at age “seven,” as stated in the article. That was confused with a teacher I told your reporter about. I do not work only out of my “home,” as indicated in your article. There was no mention of the fact that I go to clients’ homes; I have access to office space; I utilize phone and Skype sessions, and I think outside the box, depending on the client’s goal. For example, we might meet for a walk and talk in the park. I am very flexible in making the location of the work easy for my clients.

Comedy is very important in my work. Being able to lighten up and laugh brings a new perspective to what could be perceived as a laborious process. This was not mentioned in the article and is important.

My niche market is bridal coaching, which was not mentioned in the article. The sacredness of this important life ritual gets lost in the process of planning. My work is to guide brides-to-be through this unknown territory, reminding them that their wedding is a revered union.

One such workshop is “Bridal Bonding Boot Camp,” which is a weekly informal meeting of brides to be. It’s not about the dress or the guest list; it’s about creating a safe, non-judgmental place for my clients to meet other women who are experiencing the same feelings, fears and questions they have in common.

Information about my upcoming free seminars can be found at Contact me for a free phone session or to schedule a public speaking engagement at 1-267-505-1779 or

Mary’s niche market is bridal coaching. “The sacredness of this important life ritual gets lost in the process of planning,” said Mary, seen here dancing in the street. (Photo by Timothi Jane Graham)

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