Bridal Workshops

“We do not remember days…
We remember moments.”
–Cesare Paverse

Bridal Bonding Boot Camp

Bridal Bonding Boot Camp (BBBC) in an informal bimonthly meeting of brides to be. Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is a time filled with love, excitement, anticipation, and joy. However, preparing for your wedding day is a very busy time of planning, appointments, setting goals and decision-making. This can be exhausting and stressful. It is normal to feel both exhilarated and overwhelmed at the same time. AND IT’S ALL OK!

Bridal Bonding Boot Camp is a service that provides the time for you to get back to you. YOU are your first and last love. BBBC wants to support you with specific tools, techniques and exercises that will guide you through this process. Most importantly we want you to have FUN! This is an opportunity for you to meet other women who are experiencing the same feelings, fears and questions you are having. New friendships will be formed and fellowship to be had. Wouldn’t it be great to have another friendly future bride to call when you’re freaking out and want anonymity from friends and family? These relationships are proven to be quality enhancing both before your wedding day and after you say I do!

The primary purpose of these meetings are to provide you with creative, fun and meaningful ways to bring your emotions to a safe and non-judgmental place. To give yourself a specific time in your week to relax, explore topics of love, commitment, sex, family, , anxiety, your diet, exercise and whatever your needs may be so that you are prepared to have the wedding that you want and deserve. We will lay down a strong foundation for you to be effective in planning your wedding sanely and prepare you with tools to have a successful, loving, committed marriage.

Through specialized life coaching skills and mind/body exercises you will achieve your goals. These are your moments, take the time to honor yourself and gracefully transform into your new future.

Here Comes the Bride Coaching Sessions

Blue Print Life and Wellness Coaching (BPL&WC) uses different modalities such as traditional talk coaching, movement/yoga, writing and breathing exercises, to name a few, to center and ground you, keep you focused on what is important to you for your wedding day, increase strength and flexibility, expel negativity, improve balance, and manage emotions in a healthy and empowering way. BPL&WC is designed to target your needs specifically to honor the vision for your wedding day. Each week of our Pre-Wedding Coaching Program is dedicated to particular theme, with custom designed exercises to help you achieve all of the following:

  • Relax:

    Gain tools for stress management, improve your sleep patterns, and learn how to cope with overwhelming feelings or situations. Restore, relax, and refresh during a very exciting yet busy time.

  • Empower:

    You will become strong and confident during the process leading up to your wedding day while experiencing normal emotional fluctuations.

  • Enhance:

    Celebrate and intensify your inner beauty by exploring your individual gorgeousness and femininity. With a exercise and nutrition plan, we will improve your physical wellness, and fully embrace the beautiful unique body that is you!
    Believe: Through guided meditation, breath work and visualization you will be taught to create powerful intentions that will enhance the foundation of your marriage and reveal your individual goals that you will accomplish.

  • Embrace:

    Learn how to fully open up your heart to beauty, love, and bliss.

  • Connect:

    Meet and bond with other women who are brides-to-be and are experiencing a lot of the same emotions you are.

After completing Blue Print’s Life & Wellness Bridal Coaching Program, you will be fully present, empowered and ready to walk down that aisle with confidence; feeling, looking and being your very best. From the months and weeks leading up to your wedding day, to the hours just before your walk down the aisle… Blue Print Life & Wellness Coaching offers a range of services to make your wedding day the very best it can be.

The Balanced Bride

A complete 6-week pre-wedding program specifically designed to help prepare your body and mind for your sacred, joyful, exciting wedding day.

Each week, we focus on a relevant theme to address your specific bride-to-be needs: stress management, fitness, communication with your partner, managing emotions, and more.

Individualized coaching and attention to help support and meet your physical, spiritual and emotional goals. You will have the opportunity to connect with other brides-to-be in a fun, relaxed, and inspiring environment and gain the tools to make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With willingness, enthusiasm and laughter these precious weeks leading up to your wedding day will be defined, supported and most importantly enjoyable.

Program fee of $450.00. for six session fees and check-ins.

Bachelorette Bliss

Fun and uplifting dance/movement session mixed in with some bridal games and merriment for you and your girls will leave you happy, healthy, and bonded held your home, a location of your choice for an intimate gathering of laughter and girl time.

Extra perks: custom-made music mix and goodie bags for each participant.

Schedule fun filled inner /outer beauty, dance and movement session before a night on the town to feel sexy and invigorated, or hang out for a makeover, massages, manis/pedis, and more!

Base fee is $200. (Up to ten people; additional participants and add-on services are extra)

Wedding Day Balancing

This is your day. Honor yourself before you transition into a new identity. Wedding days can feel chaotic so let’s get your centered, peaceful, joyful and prepared by self-honoring exercises, meditation, breath work, visualization and a movement session either on the eve of your wedding or the morning of your sacred day preparing you and/or your girls. You deserve to be fully present for yourself and your partner when you proclaim your love for each other and commit to a life as husband a wife.

Candlelight sessions available the night before: relax your nerves and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. We bring the tools to you: mats, aromatherapy aids, décor and more to your home, hotel, or wedding site

Finally, It’s All About You

The Finally, It’s All About YOU workshop is just that, all about YOU! This is the workshop for the responsible, busy, high-achieving, giving woman that has lost herself because you give, give, give and do, do, do constantly. Where did you go? Where did your energetic magnetic authentic self go? It’s time to be resurrected and bring her back to life!

In today’s society, many women need to de-stress, discover, and reinvent themselves in new ways to nurture themselves but don’t give themselves permission to do so. Life has become one long to do list. Are you always rushing to your next responsibility while multi-tasking in your head your lists that have to be done? Life demands so much of your time it is exhausting, robbing you of using your gifts, talents, stealing your peace, joy and predictably minimizing your life to functional or more likely highly functional. Well, it’s time to be good to yourself, stop, and put YOU first! I know, I know I can hear the but…. well yes you can. Your housework, paperwork, kids, husband, partner, grocery shopping, dog, cat and all other “to do’s” from life can take a back seat for a few hours to give you the time to rejuvenate your passion and spirit.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Who were you before… what were you passionate about? Has that passion transformed into something different you want to define and explore?
  • Who are you now? Do you have passion for what interests and feeds your soul, or have you swept it under the rug?
  • Who do you want to become? What is it that you want to do that will open up the part of you that got buried in life, and lead your spirit to unrestricted freedom?
  • Is there something you have been wanting to do but keep putting it off to do chores like join a group, write a poem, exercise, spend consistent quality time with a friend or spend time alone?
  • Do you have balance in your life? What area of your life needs attention? What area can you pull back from?
  • What do you need to support you to maintain balance in your life?

During the Finally, It’s All About You workshop you will ask yourself these questions and more. We will identify what is lacking in your life, explore different possibilities and choices available to you, come up with concrete actions to take while working towards your goal and have fun in the process. Fun is a component that I don’t leave out. You are unique and the world needs you, and you need yourself. Your healthy, happy, fulfilled, revitalized self.

The opportunity to connect with women who identify with what you are doing and offer support to each other during and after the program, will increase your success of maintaining your goals.

This is a great way to gather a group of your girlfriends and experience this workshop together.

Ultimately your quality of life will improve. Balance will be restored and you will have enthusiasm and restoration. Your “to do’s” will be done in a sane manner, with a new perspective on life and a lighter sprit because you will be including yourself in your day. Your family, children, co-workers and peers will benefit from this process because YOU will be living your remarkable authentic life, Finally.

This program is offered in two ways. Either over a six week series or a one day five hour session.

Program fee is $450.
Refer a friend and pay $425.

The benefits: feel calm, confident, refreshed, and fully present on your wedding day

Session fee starts at $150.