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Bridal Bonding Boot Camp

“We do not remember days…
We remember moments.”
–Cesare Paverse

Bridal Bonding Boot Camp (BBBC) in an informal bimonthly meeting of brides to be. Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is a time filled with love, excitement, anticipation, and joy. However, preparing for your wedding day is a very busy time of planning, appointments, setting goals and decision-making. This can be exhausting and stressful. It is normal to feel both exhilarated and overwhelmed at the same time. AND IT’S ALL OK!

Bridal Bonding Bootcamp

Bridal Bonding Boot Camp is a service that provides the time for you to get back to you. YOU are your first and last love. BBBC wants to support you with specific tools, techniques and exercises that will guide you through this process. Most importantly we want you to have FUN! This is an opportunity for you to meet other women who are experiencing the same feelings, fears and questions you are having. New friendships will be formed and fellowship to be had. Wouldn’t it be great to have another friendly future bride to call when you’re freaking out and want anonymity from friends and family? These relationships are proven to be quality enhancing both before your wedding day and after you say I do!

The primary purpose of these meetings are to provide you with creative, fun and meaningful ways to bring your emotions to a safe and non-judgmental place. To give yourself a specific time in your week to relax, explore topics of love, commitment, sex, family, , anxiety, your diet, exercise and whatever your needs may be so that you are prepared to have the wedding that you want and deserve. We will lay down a strong foundation for you to be effective in planning your wedding sanely and prepare you with tools to have a successful, loving, committed marriage.

Through specialized life coaching skills and mind/body exercises you will achieve your goals. These are your moments, take the time to honor yourself and gracefully transform into your new future.