Here Comes the Bride

Blue Print Life and Wellness Coaching (BPL&WC) uses different modalities such as traditional talk coaching, movement/yoga, writing and breathing exercises, to name a few, to center and ground you, keep you focused on what is important to you for your wedding day, increase strength and flexibility, expel negativity, improve balance, and manage emotions in a healthy and empowering way. BPL&WC is designed to target your needs specifically to honor the vision for your wedding day. Each week of our Pre-Wedding Coaching Program is dedicated to particular theme, with custom designed exercises to help you achieve all of the following:

  • Relax:

    Gain tools for stress management, improve your sleep patterns, and learn how to cope with overwhelming feelings or situations. Restore, relax, and refresh during a very exciting yet busy time.

  • Empower:

    You will become strong and confident during the process leading up to your wedding day while experiencing normal emotional fluctuations.

  • Enhance:

    Celebrate and intensify your inner beauty by exploring your individual gorgeousness and femininity. With an exercise and nutrition plan, we will improve your physical wellness, and fully embrace the beautiful unique body that is you!
    Believe: Through guided meditation, breath work and visualization you will be taught to create powerful intentions that will enhance the foundation of your marriage and reveal your individual goals that you will accomplish.

  • Embrace:

    Learn how to fully open up your heart to beauty, love, and bliss.

  • Connect:

    Meet and bond with other women who are brides-to-be and are experiencing many of the same emotions you are.

After completing Blue Print’s Life & Wellness Bridal Coaching Program, you will be fully present, empowered and ready to walk down that aisle with confidence, feeling, looking and being your very best. From the months and weeks leading up to your wedding day, to the hours just before your walk down the aisle… Blue Print Life & Wellness Coaching offers a range of services to make your wedding day the very best it can be.